SCS Forwarding
SCS is a trademark of SCS FORWARDING OÜ.

Our core business involves FTL/LCL freight transportation in Poland, Czech, Eastern Europe, the Baltics, as well as FTL freight transport in Germany and the Netherlands. We also offer domestic FTL/FCL transport services in Estonia.

We excel in organizing road transport across Europe. Every day, dozens of vehicles transport our clients' goods. We have the capability to handle EWC and SENT processes.

Our customer service representatives, who communicate with you, are also the very same people who find the best transportation option for your goods.

Experience and reliability: We have been operating in the market for years, and our clients can always be sure of our professionalism and precision. We have built a strong partner network that allows us to offer the best transport services between Poland and Estonia.

Customized solutions: We understand that each freight transport has unique requirements. Therefore, we provide customized solutions according to your business needs. Whether it involves full loads, partial loads, or special transport services, our team always ensures that your goods reach their destination safely and on time.

High-quality service: Our goal is to provide high-level service to every customer. Our vehicles are equipped with modern technology, enabling us to ensure the safety and traceability of goods throughout the transport process. In addition, our team includes experienced specialists who ensure smooth and efficient customer service.

Competitive pricing: We understand that price plays a significant role in managing business costs. Therefore, we offer competitive pricing that allows you to achieve an excellent balance between price and quality.
Each of our clients receives a warm and substantive approach tailored to their wishes, needs, and characteristics.

We will help you with very good forwarding services!