Baltic transport

The Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – are known as a strategically important transportation and logistics hub within the European Union. Their geographic location creates an ideal bridge for the movement of goods between the East and West, offering diverse transport options via sea, air, and land.

SCS Forwarding, based in Estonia, is a key player in the Baltic logistics sector, providing a wide range of forwarding and logistics services that connect local markets with international networks. The company leverages the advanced infrastructure of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to deliver fast and efficient service to its clients.

One of SCS Forwarding's main strengths is its customized logistic solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients in the Baltic market. They offer everything from customs clearance to warehouse and distribution logistics, utilizing the region's developed logistics infrastructure. SCS Forwarding's role extends beyond merely transporting goods; they also provide valuable consulting in logistics planning and optimization, which is critical for the rapid and secure movement of goods.

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania provide competitive advantages for logistics companies, such as fast and flexible customs procedures and excellent connections to Northern and Eastern Europe. SCS Forwarding uses these advantages to offer their clients the most cost-effective and expedient transport solutions.

Additionally, SCS Forwarding actively participates in the development of the Baltic logistical infrastructure, collaborating with local governments and other companies to strengthen the region's transportation network. This not only improves regional logistics but also helps enhance the competitiveness of the local economy.