Trade Relations Between Estonia and Lithuania in 2024

Trade relations between Estonia and Lithuania have been strong and diverse over the years, supported by geographical proximity, historical ties, and participation in the European Union's single market.

Economic Growth and Outlook

The Lithuanian economy has shown positive growth over the past year, whereas the Estonian economy has experienced a decline. In the first quarter of 2024, Lithuania's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by 2.9% compared to the same period in 2023, while Estonia's GDP decreased by 2.1%​ (ERR)​. The European Commission's winter economic forecast predicts a 2.1% growth for Lithuania in 2024, significantly better than Estonia's 0.6%​ (Majandus)​.

Trade and Transport

Trade and transport between Estonia and Lithuania have become increasingly smooth and efficient. Companies like SCS Forwarding offer fast and flexible logistics solutions, enabling shipments to reach their destination quickly and safely. SCS Forwarding utilizes a diverse fleet capable of handling all sizes of cargo and provides special services for temperature-sensitive and hazardous goods. The company also offers transport insurance to mitigate risks for their clients​ (SCS Forwarding)​.

Historical Ties and Cooperation

Diplomatic relations between Estonia and Lithuania date back to 1921, when the countries recognized each other de jure. This established a strong foundation for cooperation in various fields, including trade and logistics services​ (Estonian Embassy in Vilnius)​.

Outlook for Trade Relations

Trade relations between Estonia and Lithuania remain robust despite overall economic challenges. Key sectors supporting Lithuanian economic growth, such as manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, and transportation, are also important in Estonia-Lithuania trade. It is expected that Lithuania's economy will continue to grow steadily in the coming quarters, potentially leading to increased exports from Estonia to Lithuania​ (ERR)​​ (Majandus)​.

In summary, trade relations between Estonia and Lithuania are well-established, supported by historical ties and modern logistics solutions that ensure smooth and efficient trade now and in the future.

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